Esports Betting Guide 2019

Esports Betting Guide 2019

The world of sport evolves, and with it also that of sports betting.

In that sense, eSports bets are the real next step of the online gaming industry.

Something very logical considering the many similarities that exist between the two media, betting websites on one side and eSports on the other.

But, a moment … What are eSports?

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In this eSports betting guide we are going to talk about:

  • Best betting sites
  • History of eSports or electronic sports

How do we distinguish a normal video game from one of eSports?

  • The rise of eSports
  • Most popular video games, tournaments and teams
  • History of eSports or electronic sports

The first ‘Spacewar Intergalactic Olympiad!’ It will take place here, on Wednesday, October 19, with an approximate duration of 2000 hours. The first prize will be a year of subscription to Rolling Stone magazine. The event will be documented by Stone Sports reporter Stewart Brand and photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

This would be a first step in the history of eSports, which would have its true founding act with the celebration in 1980 of the Space Invaders Championship, sponsored by the Atari brand …

And that brought together nothing more and nothing less than 10,000 people.

The next step would not happen until almost two decades later, with the arrival of Netrek.

This video game, a true precursor of today’s online multiplayer video games, also mixed two main genres of eSports:

  • The shoot’em up
  • And the strategy in real time (RTS, Real Time Strategy) …
  • Allowing up to 16 players to compete at the same time.

This time the lapse in time for the evolution of eSports would be shorter and we would have a first configuration very similar to the phenomenon that is today with the arrival of Quake.

The first tournaments and the first stars

This popular FPS (First Person Shooter, in English) was the protagonist of the considered as the first eSports championship: the Red Annihilation.

Organized by the development company of the Quake, the mythical ID Software, was won by the player Dennis ‘Thresh’ Fong, who won as a prize a Ferrari 328 GTS.

We can also consider Fong, in a way, as the first eSports professional.

Later, with the arrival of new video games likely to be part of a league or competition (such as the Street Fighter, the FIFA series and especially the Starcraft) began to organize the first tournaments.

Initially limited to LAN connections where players were part of a limited network (Any fan of the old LAN Parties in the room?) …

And with the boom of the Internet on a larger scale to reach this true phenomenon on a global scale that are eSports.

How do we distinguish a normal video game from one of eSports?

The question of the million, because no, not all video games are likely to be part of an eSports competition.

To be able to be, they need to have a narrative differentiated from the rest of the videogames and fulfill a series of characteristics:

  • Must allow confrontation between two or more players.
  • Be susceptible to be part of a championship or tournament.
  • The competition must be regulated, ensure equal conditions for the participants and victory in this can only be due to their manual, tactical and strategic skills.

In addition to these features, to finish configuring the entire ecosystem eSports, these situations must occur:

  • Existence of leagues or tournaments with the characteristics described above.
  • A critical mass of fans and professional players who follow and / or participate in the aforementioned competitions, demanding services and products associated with eSports.
  • Media that relay events and satisfy the need of fans of information and coverage of eSports.
  • Brands that sponsor and finance both the championships and the teams and professional players that are part of them.
  • Companies that develop eSports video games, that give them support and update to respond to new demands and challenges in the competition and game.

With all these conditions fulfilled we have the entire assembled structure that currently configures the world of eSports.