Sports betting and eSports

The RAE says in its entry on the word sport that this corresponds to the “recreation, hobby, pleasure, fun or physical exercise.”

If we are strict with this definition we will see that it fits perfectly with eSports.

But they also maintain the same competitive structure as sports tournaments…

With its professional players who combine mental disciplines with physics to play the games and take the final triumph.

And finally, both share the same value: the show.

In the same way that there are fans who practice, they see and enjoy a whole culture about a major sport, the same thing we will find in eSports…

Where more and more audiences attend live the tournaments or through the Internet and other media broadcasts.

Are eSports bets legal?

The first thing we should answer would be: can you bet on eSports?

The answer is yes, as to any other competitive sport, as we have verified not only through this special, but also pointing to the different betting houses and online gaming operators that allow eSports bets.

And if, then, if we ask if these eSports bets are legal, we will have to confirm that yes.

As stated by the director of the DGOJ (General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling, the body under the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration that regulates and licenses the betting sites)

In any case, and although there are betting houses and online gaming operators that are specific to eSports…

Betting eSports in America

The American continent is a real power in the online game, and eSports are no exception…

As in many other areas of development, America is an emerging area, and as we have seen before with the case of the Lyon Gaming team…

It also begins to stand out in the field of eSports, with numerous teams and tournaments capable of competing at the highest level.

Do we bet on them?

Few things fit so much sports betting as eSports, which have all the values and excitement of the main sports of competition along with all the freshness and adrenaline that segregates this new mass phenomenon.

The eSports are not only a simple entertainment and turn out to be also a business and a profession whose magnitude does not stop growing.

In the last five years the audience has grown more than 1500% and the economic prizes have increased by 800%.

According to consultancy Newzoo, eSports will generate more business than top events such as the Super Bowl or the Champions League in the next ten years.

We are talking about an absurd amount of money, a more than fertile field for bets …

ESports and sports betting: a common future

And is that, in addition to a great opportunity for professional and casual bettors who currently operate in the best betting houses and online gaming operators, eSports also mean the arrival of a new generation of bettors to our world that will undoubtedly give Much to talk about.

Do you play eSports video games? And you bet on these events? What are your favorite eSports betting pages?

We would like to know your experiences and suggestions on this matter here to see if it is worthwhile to open a specific section to talk about tips, Premium tricks and specialized event coverage.