TOP eSports Games

TOP eSports Games

Most popular video games, tournaments and teams

As we have seen previously, titles like Quake, Counter Strike, Street Fighter or FIFA were the first video games that fed the eSports competitions.

Today these are the most popular games that feed the main tournaments, what we see below.

League of Legends (LoL)

The popular LoL is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena in English), in which players choose a certain fantasy character called “champion” and face each other on a map between teams of 5 (out of 3 sometimes) members with the objective to destroy the base of the enemy.

Long the most popular of the eSports.

DoTA 2

Another MOBA, in which we will need to have access to a free account of the popular online video game service Steam to play. Similar in nature to the LoL, it presents more complex game mechanics, which makes it the favorite of the so-called hardcore gamers.

Starcraft 2

All a classic, that with the arrival of a new expansion has recovered the tone and wants to aspire to the throne of the eSports again.

In the game we interpret a race to choice (Zerg, Terran and Protoss) that must face the others to obtain the supremacy.

Call Of Duty

In this case we speak of an FPS where we interpret modern soldiers who must face in teams to capture the flag of their opponent.

A true war experience.


The closest thing to real soccer in video games, the FIFA saga of Electronic Arts is a classic that brings all the excitement of sports, stars and real football competition to the terrain of eSports.

World Of Tanks

In this case, as its name suggests, what we will do is control a historical tank and face other teams that also handle these armored monsters.

Hearthstone: Do you know the Magic: the Gathering cards? This would be an approach taken to eSports.

We use virtual cards to face other rivals combining skill, spells and strategy. Very addictive and with a very fast learning curve that does not reduce complexity.

At the level of tournaments and eSports championships, there are numerous examples in the world, from the League of Legends World Championship, World Cyber Games, Major League Gaming Intel Extreme Masters…

Or the most recent World Series Of Video Games and Championship Gaming Series.

In addition, we will also find specific events associated with video game and trademark fairs and, already speaking at a local level, initiatives such as the Professional Videogame League (LVP).

The most important and valued eSports games

And if we talk about equipment, here is a list of the most valued:

  • Fnatic: one of the best teams in history, undoubtedly the best European and the best we can find playing the League of Legends and the CS: GO
  • Cloud 9: Americans have made their way into the elite very quickly, which gives an idea of their level. They also hit LoL and CS: GO.
  • Evil Geniuses: true specialists in DoTA 2, they call themselves geniuses of evil. Nothing more to add …
  • Team SoloMid: other Yankees that point, with success, to the CS: GO and the LoL and at a level as pointer as to consider them in the top trio of the teams that move more money in the eSports.
  • Lyon Gaming: one of the best known and most prominent teams in all of America and a safe bet if we talk about the LoL.
  • Valencia C.F: yes, the Valencia football team has decided to add a new sport category to its structure, forming this eSports team that will compete in the LoL

And if you have any doubt about whether eSports are a sport, let’s clear it below…